omGLEE (yes, its necessary to use this title twice)

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A few weeks ago I talked about how to watch television during finals. Last night’ Glee was obviously the most anticipated episode of the entire season so I knew that I had to make time to watch it. I got home from the library at 1:30 am and unsurprisingly, I watched it. To say the least it was UNREAL.

The drama: Finn finds out that he is not the father of Quinn’s baby. His best friend is! We have all been waiting for him to find out and it’s about time. He clearly belongs with Rachel <3. Mr. Sheuster pretty much reveals that he doesn’t love his wife anymore and yes…he FINALLY kisses Ms. Pilsbury after chasing her down the hall. The season ended like this and although it was more or less an abrupt ending I am happy to see that the two will finally be together.

The singing: New Directions won Sectionals! (Although I am pretty sure we all saw this coming). Sorry Dana that I ruined the surprised but yes Merecedes obviously sang “And I’m Telling You.” She nailed it of course. Although I am not so sure she did it better than Jennifer Hudson, what do you think? Rachel sang Barbara Streisand’s “Don’t Rain on My Parade” which rocked even though I am not a Streisand fan. The whole cast sang the Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You.” I liked the last song although I think they could have picked something a little more classic to close out the season. Regardless, amazing talent and I clearly had chills the entire time.

Watch below to compare Mercedes and Jennifer Hudson!


When Will Desperate Return?

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I’m a bit confused. This past week’s Desperate Housewives was equivalent to a series finale yet the season is not over? I’ve been googling to find out when DH comes back on but all I’ve found was that the date is TBA. Anyways- this episode was gooooood. Basically, there was a huge Christmas party on the street of wisteria lane. It was more or less a block party. Obviously the party couldn’t have gone perfect….a plane accidentally landed in the middle of the celebration! People were definitely kill but we don’t know who. My predictions:

1) Since the plane went through “Santa’s house” where Bree Carl and Orson were I think that carl was killed. It couldn’t have been Bree, she’s one of the biggest stars on the show so they wouldn’t kill her off even tho the bloody hand they showed did look like a woman’s.

2) Lynette saved Gabrielle’s daughter which means they clearly are going to rekindle their friendship.

3) The woman that Angie was paying off to not tell her secret clearly died so now the audience has been even further pushed from finding out what’s going on.

watch below for a clip from the latest episode:

If only we could Fast Forward to March 4th!

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Okay so Flash Forward won’t be back until March 4th, but I clearly need to write my predictions. Although we won’t see if they are right for quite some time I think we should talk about it. So the first thing I want to discuss is the weird conversation between Olivia and Lloyd. They realize that they almost lived next door to each other (for the non-Flash Forward readers Olivia and Lloyd saw a flash forward of themselves having an affair) and that Lloyd met his wife, who just died, in the place where Olivia was supposed to live. Lloyd tells Olivia about this confusing theory that there are many worlds that involve the decisions we do or don’t make. He says that in some other world, Olivia and him know eachother from living next door. Later on, Mark’s son Dylan is being transferred to a different hospital and the ambulance drivers turn out to be kidnappers. They kidnap Lloyd because he admitted to the entire world that he conducted a scientific experiment that most probably caused the black out. Did anyone else think that the ambulance drivers were shady from the beginning? I can’t tell if I have just become an expert at predicting things or it was obvious. Let me know. Anyways, on the other side of the world in Hong Kong, Mark disobeys his boss’ orders and finds out from some creepy lady that he will murder Demetri. Because he disobeys his boss’ orders, he is fired. Clearly, his dismissal won’t last long because his job and his leadership with “mosaic” is the main premise of the entire show. Lastly an d probably the most important scene of the show, Nhadra (the creepy lady) is pals with D. Gibbons. We know from a previous episode that “D.Gibbons is a bad man” so clearly Nhadra is up to no good either.

Alright so my predictions summed up:

1)   Mark will get his job back very quickly.

2)   The flash forwards are glimpses of a life people could have had in “another world” like Lloyd’s theory

3)   I could be wrong about number 2 and the flash forwards may very well be legitimate

4)   Nhadra lied about what she saw and Mark doesn’t kill Demetri. She must have done this in order to help D. Gibbons in some way (Although I am unsure of how she found out the serial number for Mark’s gun).

Also- I think this clip is important. I think it might suggest that the flash forwards have alot to do with the past.

p.s the music at the end of this show is sooo from Lost (which btw comes back February 2nd wahoo!!)

And the Plot Thickens..

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The plot thickened even more in last week’s Desperate Housewives. In the beginning of the episode, we were told that the attacker is a male. This obviously means that my prediction about Angie being the culprit was wrong! I am having a hard time deciding if it is the dad or the son. I think it might have been Danny because he seems desperate to escape his life and in general has become quite creepy. Who do you think it is?

Katherine, again, has gone psycho. The last scene involved her calling the ambulance right before she stabbed herself. I think when the police get there she is going to say Mike attacked her. At this point, she is trying to mess up his life anyway she can. He broke her heart and she feels the need to get revenge.

Lastly, I feel really bad for Lynette. Carlos is treating her horribly after he found out she was pregnant and didn’t tell him. He even moved her office from a huge room to a supply closet! Now that she has decided to sue him I am very excited to see what happens. I am predicting that a trial will start but right before the judge makes a decision Carlos will apologize and tell Lynette that she can have her old office and job back.

Watch the last intense scene with Mike and Katherine:


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Last night, my friend Amanda texted me as I was at the library and told me that I immediately needed to get home and watch Glee. Of course, I listened.  And she was right,Glee was UNREAL last night in so many ways. First of all, the commercial part was probably my most favorite performance of the entire season. The glee club did a commercial for mattress and sang and jumped around to the song Jump by Van Halen. Amaaazing to say the least. The other reason Glee was particularly amazing last night was for a more serious reason. Mr. Shuester found out that his wife wasn’t pregnant and that she has been faking it this whole time. He found her fake “belly” in her drawer. Major drama! I predict that now Mr. Sheuster will most definitely try to stop Emma’s wedding. I think know that he has realized his wife is psycho he will want to give it a shot with Emma, who he has a very flirty relationship with. Also, according to itunes  some of next weeks tunes include: And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (from one of my favorite movies, Dream Girls) and My Life Would Suck Without You.

P.S I definitely think Mercedes will sing And I am Telling You I’m Not Going. Question is whether or not she will be able to sing it better than Jennifer Hudson!

P.P.S I tried really hard to find footage of the mattress commercial but I couldn’t 😦 !

Victoria [to Millicent]: Zero may not be a size, but right now it’s your IQ.

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After a long day at the library, I decided to treat myself to some good ole’ television when I got home. I watched two episodes of One Tree Hill. I just want to mention how much better I like watching episode after episode of a show. I don’t have to wait an entire week to see what happens next and the story is that much more clear because the details are fresh in my mind. For example, last year over December break I watched 4 seasons of Lost (yes, I did this in two weeks and my parents were furious that I never left my room). Lost is the type of show where each detail is vital to the story and figuring out the various mysteries. I loved watching the show like this because I felt like a Lost wizard.

Anyways, the past 2 weeks of One Tree Hill were particularly good. Alex, the actress who became a model for Brooke’s clothing line, is obsessed and in love with Julianne (Brooke’s serious boyfriend). Because Julianne doesn’t like her, Alex freaks out and at the end of the episode decides (or at least attempts) to commit suicide. I don’t think that she is actually dead since the previews show Brooke and Julianne at the hospital. Usually when a person gets killed off a show, the previous mention someone “leaving.” I guess we will have to wait and see though.

The other huge event on One Tree Hill was Millicent and her addiction to cocaine. This plot confuses me because it happened very quickly. Usually Millicent would be the LAST person to do cocaine. She is so sweet and innocent. I think that her boyfriend, Marvin, is being way to passive about the whole situation. He has told her he is disappointed and that she needs to stop but clearly that is not enough. He needs to get her help A.S.A.P!

Here is a preview for upcoming drama (btw- does anyone else see 7 year old Jamie Scott being served tequilla in this video?!):

I Still Love Lucy

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Part of one of my final papers is to write a 10-12 page paper on a television show before the 1990s. I decided to write about I Love Lucy. Amidst writing this paper, I have had to watch several episodes of the beloved sitcom. I have to say, this show is actually really funny. Although I really HATE watching things in black and white and don’t understand how Lucy’s amazing hair color was not seen each week, I enjoy watching clip after clip of this show. My favorite episode (and one of the most well known episodes) is the one where Lucy and her best friend Ethel make a deal with their husbands to switch roles. The husbands will stay home and take care of the house while the women go to work. Lucy and Ethel go to work at a candy factory but very quickly realize that working is not for them. Although this scene is offensive in the sense that it suggests a woman should remain inside the home and not get a job, it made me LOL. Lucy and Ethel are trying to maintain an assembly line but the conveyor belt goes way to fast for them and they are forced to stuff the chocolate that they are wrapping in their mouths, aprons and hats. Classic!